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The committee decision is final

2 . Miscellaneous provisions .a. The committee decision is final on the selection includes authorities claim is not accepted / canceled / aborted a civil servant candidates have passed though BIN but later proven that the above requirements are not correct / not valid .b . The selection process is free of charge .c . Fee in order to register and participate in the selection , the responsibility of the applicantd . Fines ( as the State Revenue ) will be applied to :- Applicants who passed later resigned , amounting to Rp . 25.000.000 , -- Applicants who have been appointed as civil servant resigned , amounting to Rp . 50.000.000 , -- Applicants who have been appointed as civil servant and has attended the Basic Intelligence Training and other training subsequently resigned , imposed a fine of Rp . 100.000.000 , -e . Application file received a BIN file and is not refundable .
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